Puppy Information

Line of 10 children each holding a Schnauzer
Miata and Sky Puppies being socialized - 10 kids...10 puppies!!

Our Schnauzer puppies are socialized and spoiled from birth.  Moms whelp their litters in our Nursery under clean, heated conditions.  Births are carefully monitored with gender, birth order and size accurately recorded.  Mom’s are pampered throughout nursing and puppies are weaned slowly, generally being weaned by the time they are 6 weeks old. In addition, we generally breed our Moms only once a year so they have lots of down time to spend with their families.

As they grow, puppies are exposed to a variety of stimulus to ensure good socialization and people skills by the time they are ready to go to homes.  This includes:

  • Play sessions several times a day
  • A variety of toys that are rotated often including puzzle toys and snuffle mats
  • Adequate space so that they learn about sleeping areas, play areas and potty areas
  • Car rides
  • Exposure to various noises including children playing, TV, vacuum cleaner, radio, people talking, clippers running, washer and dryer noises and chairs being dragged around. These sounds are either naturally occuring in their environment or are encountered through a sound desensitization CD that is played several times a day
  • Introduction to basic commands such as , outside, leave it, come or no!
  • Introduction to potty training – paper trained and introduced to going outside through a dog door.
  • Meeting people in wheelchairs, children of all ages, seniors, adults (through our partnership with Best Canines Forever)
  • Learning to submit to handling of feet, mouth and body, being brushed and getting a haircut
  • Being introduced to a crate and being familiar with being in it for brief periods of time

We screen our customers to make sure that each pup is placed with the best possible family. Schnauzer puppies are temperament tested and potential puppy families fill out a Puppy Match Quiz.  The information from both enables us to match up puppies with homes that suit them.  We will refuse to sell a puppy if we don’t feel we have a suitable match:  Puppy to family or family to puppy.  We encourage our customers to keep in touch after pups leave for homes through our Owner dedicated Facebook Page – My Schnauzers Canada.

As Miniature Schnauzers have a lifetime of grooming ahead of them, we start exposing them to the sights, sounds and feel of grooming as early as possible. Schnauzer puppies have nails clipped weekly and are handled daily until they are two weeks of age. Once they are two weeks old, we begin to brush them with a soft bristle brush a couple times per week. At around 5 weeks of age, they will have their first grooming. Right before they go home, they have a bath and a tidy up groom to get them ready for their new home.

All Schnauzer puppies are checked over thoroughly by our veterinarian prior to leaving us for their new families. Ddewclaws are removed when they are 3-5 days old.  They are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age and given their first puppy vaccination when they are 7 weeks old so they have some immunity when they leave us.  

Puppy pick up includes the opportunity for any last minute questions and instructions.  We take a picture of the puppy and it’s new family for our photo album of new puppy families.

We guarantee our puppies are healthy before they leave our home however, we suggest that the new owners have the pup checked at their vet also to ensure everyone is satisfied with its health.

Our interest in your puppy does not stop once you take it home. We are always available via email for questions. We LOVE to hear from past customers and see new pictures of puppies as they grow up. We encourage new families to join our dedicated Facebook Group for our owners – My Schnauzers Canada to find littermates in the area, solicit advice and share adventures with other experienced and friendly My Schnauzers Puppy owners across Canada.

Socializing Rules

To ensure puppy safety, please abide by the following:

  1. Don’t visit other puppies under 8 weeks of age prior to visiting us
  2. Greet adult dogs before you greet puppies
  3. Wash hands with hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial soap before handling puppies (sanitizer and soap is provided)
  4. Wait for puppies to be handed to you or to come to you if they are running around
  5. Supervised, well-behaved young children are welcome to visit if they can sit quietly on the floor when handling puppies
  6. All puppies should be handled when you are seated on the floor. They have been known to leap out of laps and can get hurt
  7. Keep play sessions short as puppies need lots of sleep to stay healthy
  8. Call or email to book a time to visit. We try to schedule visits during puppy play times and not nap times where possible.

Because our breeding dogs all have their own families, pups get lots of handling and socializing every time a foster family comes to visit their dog.

Italia and her family cuddling Talia's puppies