We sell three sizes of Schnauzers – Miniature, Toy and Teacup. We also breed to produce nearly every possible color that exists for a Schnauzer. Our purchase price for a puppy varies depending on size and color.

Please note:
While we do our best to estimate puppy size at maturity based on size of parents and previous litters etc, we cannot guarantee mature size. We do our best to give you an accurate estimate and where the estimate sits on the border between two sizes, the price charged will be the lower price.

Puppy Prices

Miniature Schnauzer
11 - 18lbs
Toy Schnauzer
7 - 10lbs
Teacup Schnauzer
Under 7lbs

Reservation Fee - $100

No money is required if you simply want to go on a waitlist however, our waitlists tend to fill very quickly so if I have a nearly full waitlist for a litter well in advance of a litter being born, I may request a reservation fee of $100 for anyone who wants to commit to a puppy from the upcoming litter. The reservation fee is non-refundable and will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy. If we have a smaller litter than expected or if the color/gender combination you are looking for does not show up in the litter, your reservation fee can be moved to the next available litter. People on the waitlist for a particular litter will be notified if a reservation fee is required.

Puppy Deposit - $350 or $500

Once puppies are born, a deposit of $350 (mini size) or $500 (toy/teacup size) is required to hold your puppy until it is ready for its new home. A second payment of $350 0r $500 is required when puppies are 4 weeks old. The balance owing for your puppy is due in cash or etrnasfer when the puppy is picked up. The puppy deposit is refundable until the puppy is 4 weeks old. If you decide not to take the puppy after its 4 week birthday, your money will be refunded less $50 for an administration fee.

Early Spay/Neuter & Microchip - $175 plus tax



Crate Package - $75-199 plus tax

All our puppies are started on crate training prior to leaving for their new homes. Most will be very comfortable being in a crate for short periods of time. As a new puppy owner, we know your life will be considerably less frustrating if you continue to use a crate after you take your puppy home. If you would like a crate for your puppy, we have put together three different crate packages for your convenience.  The crate in your package is sized to fit your puppy as an adult so it should be the only crate you need for your puppy.  Crates are also airline approved so if you fly with your dog as an adult, you can use the same crate when shipping your dog as cargo.  Our basic crate package starts at just $75 plus tax and includes the crate, crate pad/bed, toy and your puppy being bathed and groomed before it leaves for your home.  Purchased separately, this is a $145 value that you get for $75. We also have an upgraded crate package and a Puppy Starter Kit available.  The various  packages, what is included in each and the prices are outlined below.  Please let us know if you want any of these packages added to your invoice.

Shipping - Prices Vary

We ship our puppies across Canada long as puppies are at least 8 weeks old. If you live too far away to come pick up your puppy, we can ship it to you via air on WestJet. Prices for shipping will vary according to the weight of the puppy and crate, the size of the crate and the distance the puppy travels. Prices are usually around $250-$300. If you are shipping the puppy, the crate package will automatically be added to your invoice because you must have an airline approved crate for shipping. This way we make sure it is the right size for your puppy and the puppy has time to get used to being in it before it is shipped. Your puppy must be paid for in full (including the shipping charges) at least 24 hours prior to the day the puppy flies home. We will coordinate the shipping date and time with you in advance. Please be flexible as to times as we prefer to ship puppies on the most direct flight available to minimize the stress to the puppy. We also reserve the right to keep the puppy here longer if necessary to make sure it is physically and emotionally ready for the trip.

Payment Options

We accept cash, cheque, PayPal or etransfer for all deposits and 4 week puppy payments. Final payments must be cash, etransfer or PayPal.  Please do not make a payment unless one is requested of you.

Crate Packages

Basic Crate Package
Basic Crate Package

Crate sized to fit puppy as an adult, Sample food bag, Puppy info booklet, Health booklet, Book of coupons, Mommy blanket, Toy, Crate pad, Carry bag. Pup is also bathed and groomed prior to going home.

Upgraded Crate Package
Upgraded Crate Package

Everything in the Basic Crate Package, Collar, Leash, Rope Toy, Rawhide Chew, Toothbrush

Puppy Starter Kit
Puppy Starter Kit

Everything in the Upgraded Crate Package, Tennis Ball, Dog Bed, Shampoo, Food/Water Dishes, Pee Pads, Poo Bags, Comb, 2.5 lb Bag of Food

Travel Kit
Travel Kit

Pee Pads, Kleenex, Wipes, Food/Water Dishes, Rawhide Chew, Poo Bags, 1 Serving of Food, Travel Bag