Blue-eyed Schnauzers are rare and make up a very small percentage of all Miniature Schnauzers. Across breeds as a whole, blue-eyes have been found in only 5% of all dogs tested (Wisdom Panel – March 15, 2021, Why do some dogs have blue eyes?). 

Blue-eyed Schnauzers have been around for a couple decades but the source of the blue-eyes is highly debated. Some people think the stunning blue eye color in Miniature Schnauzers comes from the introduction of the Merle or Piebald gene, likely through an Australian Shepherd or Pomeranian. Other people insist it is a very rare genetic mutation that just showed up in a litter.  Since it was beautiful and different, a pup with blue eyes was kept and bred.  This introduced the blue-eyed gene into the miniature schnauzer breed. Embark Vet DNA testing shows that dogs with blue eyes carry a genetic sequence that includes a duplication gene. This duplication causes the disruption of pigment deposits on the iris of the eye during the development phase and results in blue or partially blue eyes.

If a blue eyed gene was introduced as a result of using a breed other than schnauzer, and is established  in the DNA, then, if the blue-eyed dog continues to be bred back to a purebred Miniautre Schnauzer, eventually, when DNA tested, the blue-eyed Schnauzer tests as 100% Miniature Schnauzer.  If the blue-eyes are the result of a genetic mutation, the dog will also test as 100% Miniature Schnauzer and the DNA test will indicate that the blue eyes are of unknown origin.  

Our blue-eyed schnauzers have been DNA tested through Embark. Their blue eyes are of unknown origin and all of them test as 100% Miniature Schnauzer.  Even our blue-eyed girls test as “unlikely to have blue eyes”.  Want to read more about what Embark is learning about blue-eyed dogs? You can read the article here.

Blue-eyes in schnauzers are dominant so if you breed a dog with blue eyes to a dog with brown eyes, some of the pups will have blue eyes or 1 blue eye/1 brown or a partial blue eye. That is why we can have litters of pups where some pups in the litter have blue eyes and some pups have brown eyes.

There are no health issues associated with schnauzers with blue eyes. These striking blue eyed Miniature Schnauzers are just as beautiful, smart, loving, and affectionate as any other Miniature Schnauzer. If you choose to add a blue-eyed schnauzer to your family, that pup will be a wonderful, healthy family pet that will be talked about wherever you go with your Schnauzer.

The Four Girls in our Breeding Program with

Double Blue-Eyes



White 17lbs
schnauzer puppies BC


Liver & Tan 12.2 lbs


Salt & Pepper 19 lbs
Miniature Schnauzer Breeder


Black & Silver 9 lbs

Wynter, Sammi and Izzy were born and raised at My Schnauzers and both parents have brown eyes.  The common denominator between all of them is their dad, Herbie.  Although Herbie has brown eyes, he regularly produces pups with blue eyes, no matter who he is bred to.  Wynter is a Bailey/Herbie pup.  Sammi and Izzy are Milan/Herbie pups and Maisey is a Pearl/Herbie pup.  

In addition to the four girls we have with blue eyes, we also have a salt/pepper male named Ace who has a partial blue eye.  So far, as mentioned above, we also have Herbie who regularly produces blue eyed pups as well as Indy, a black male who also produces pups with blue eyes.  Neither Herbie or Indy have blue eyes but if you see them listed on the future litters page as a stud for an upcoming litter, you can expect some of the pups in that litter will have blue eyes.

schnauzer puppies bc


Salt & Pepper 11 lbs
schnauzer puppy bc


Black & Silver 14.6 lbs *Retired*


Black 11 lbs