Future Litters

Miniature Schnauzer Breeder-Future Litters

We are an ethical Miniature Schnauzer Breeder with 20+ years of experience!  Our puppies sell fast! If you see something you like, don’t wait until puppies are born to contact us. By then, the waiting list for that litter may already be full.

If you are considering adding one of our beautiful, smart, affectionate pups to your family, please fill out the puppy application (link to the left) to start the application process.  The next step is keeping an eye out for the detailed informational email.  Attached to that email will be a puppy deposit agreement.  If you decide to join our waiting list for a puppy, fill out the deposit agreement and return it with the $500 deposit.  Getting on the waitlist means you will be kept up-to-date on the litter of interest and you won’t miss out on getting a puppy if there is one available. 90% of our puppies are sold off our waitlists.

Please note: If you don’t see anything that seems to fit what you want, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know what you are looking for. As a dedicated Miniature Schnauzer Breeder, we are happy to help you find the litter that will work best for you. Sometimes, based on demand, we may also adjust a breeding combination to produce a different color or size. Feel free to contact Catherine at schnauzergal@gmail.com if you have questions.  Inquiries welcome Monday to Friday daytime, and Saturdays. Please refrain from contacting us on Sundays. As much as we hate to admit it, there is life beyond dogs and we need to reserve some time for our family too. Your understanding is much

Below you will find the information for litters we have on the way. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for any of these litters, please contact us.

Dam: Ebony Sire: Ace

Ebony & Ace

Black/silver, 10.8 lbs salt/pepper, 11 lbs
Pregnancy Confirmed
Puppies Due: April 3, 2023
Ready for Homes: May 31, 2023
Estimated Mature Sizes: 10-15 lbs
Colours Expected: blue-eyes possible in salt/pepper, black/silver, parti
Price: $3500 plux tax
Dam: Cleo Sire: Indy

Cleo & Indy

Liver/pepper, 11 lbs Black, 11 lbs
Waiting to Confirm Pregnancy
Puppies Due: April 23, 2023
Ready for Homes: June 22, 2023
Estimated Mature Sizes: 10-15 lbs
Colours Expected: Blue-eyes possible in black, liver, salt/pepper, liver/pepper, parti
Price: $3500 plux tax
Dam: Sylvie Sire: Romeo

Sylvie & Romeo

Salt/pepper, 16 lbs liver/pepper, 14 lbs
Waiting to Confirm Pregnancy
Puppies Due: April 25, 2023
Ready for Homes: June 24, 2023
Estimated Mature Sizes: 14-18 lbs
Colours Expected: salt/pepper, liver/pepper, parti and white
Price: $3500 plux tax
Dam: Zephyr Sire: Apollo

Zephyr & Apollo

Liver/pepper, 15.6 lbs liver/tan parti, 10.8 lbs
Waiting to Confirm Pregnancy
Puppies Due: May 5, 2023
Ready for Homes: July 4, 2023
Estimated Mature Sizes: 14-18 lbs
Colours Expected: liver/tan, liver/pepper, parti
Price: $3500 plux tax

Once a litter has arrived and people on the existing waiting list have been contacted, we will move the information about this litter and any puppies available to our puppies for sale page so check there for current information on puppies that are still waiting for a home.

Here are some of the other potential upcoming litters planned for 2023.  We are at the mercy of our girls so when they cooperate with us, come into heat and are bred, we will add their litter to the list above with due dates, colors/sizes expected etc.  We can’t breed them all but we will pick and choose based on who comes into heat when and who will produce what people are waiting for

Rayah to Austin – black, black/silver – mature sizes of 14-17 lbs

Kitkat to Nash – black and black parti – mature sizes of 9-12 lbs

Sommer to Angus- liver, black, black/silver, liver/tan, mature sizes of 18+ lbs

Belle and Austin- Black, black/silver – mature sizes of 12-18 lbs

Sprite and Merlin – black and black/silver – mature sizes of 13-18 lbs

Bawse to Axel – liver pepper, liver/tan, parti and wheaton – mature sizes of 12-15 lbs